Bubble Booty POP

by Twinki

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Twerky dance track


Bubble Booty POP
Bazaooka Joe out dis bitch
The pink rock hard
bout to blow in this dis bitch
TNT pussy Jimmy Walker Good Times!
Pussy SNL back in the Adam Sandler times
No Hannakuh, Bitch I gotcha man
No Brandy No Monica No Gin No Tonica
So far gone got exotical botanicals
Bitches think I'm funny
Den I'm bout ta give dem comicals
On Harlem Nights Coming to America in 48 Hours
I'm so groovy bitch call me Austin Powers
Life feel like a movie Truman Show
cameras in showers
Bitch I'm pay for view late night after hours
Imma keep it real bitch Juice
You a Don't be a Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice
You a spook Poof! Go on Parody
I'm the right bitch Show All these Hoes Clarity
Dey can't see it when I clear dem
Read em to the depths of dey soul past Atom's Sphere dem
my Atoms never fear dem
To these hoes I'm in another atmosphere dem
Dey fear the cosmos and I'm a planetarium bitch
We are stars talking Paparazzi talking Applause
Designer names-dropping make deze niggaz drop jaws
Gucci Gucci Louis Louis shout to Tom Ford
No Jay Z no Illuminati but deze niggaz getting Drunk In Love
No Beyonce
Ain't his Destiny Child if he has no finance eh
I wanted Kanye but Kim Kardashed that dick away
Went Odom on dat dick
Scott Disick on dat dick
Would Jenner but dat dick getting snipped out dis bitch
Bruce finna be Bruce-alina out dis bitch
Dick be like Lieutenant Dan "New Clit out dis bitch"
He got a Forest Lump
He on dat Forest Gump
Tom Hanks money pit
Dat shit look like a dump
Hercules Hercules Hercules No Klump
Herculplease Herculthese Can't Doubt my fire No Frump
Ya don't wanna rump
Face meet curb Dead Ass I Stomp
Bitch I'll make ya Jump
Den I'll make ya slump
When I st-st-stutter on the tr-tr-trigger make you Jump!

Bubble Booty Pop Bubble Booty Pop Pop (like a thousand times)

Kill't it wit da comic scheme
Merk em with da sexual
Twinki stay explicitly hurting homosexuals
Rimming turns to rapture it's a rapture need a suture
Bust it wide open position game on Kama Sutra
Lick me now I'll lick you later
That's that karma sutra
Fuck three eleven times
That's that odd future
Not giving up dis ass
'Less I think we got a future
Ring on it pussy - That's that shit you not used ta
Get her nice and squirty
Den I'll call her Spunky Brewster
Real Pandora Box - look what you've unloosed here
Giving head to all dese snakes Versace I'm Medusa
Sex siren temptress I seduce here
I am more than any other hoe I reduce her
I am putting on a show I produce here
I will fuck up da whole flow I get loose here
Den I will fuck da whole floor I'll get loose there


released May 29, 2014
beat produced by Jamerson Mix



all rights reserved


Twinki Jacksonville, Florida

Twinki is a drag queen rapper living in Jacksonville, Florida. Originally from Brooklyn, NY. S(he) grew up listening to hip hop music and has always had a passion for freestyling. Twinki began in the drag scene but knew that she would rather rap than lip-synch. Twinki's songs are often sexual, comic, and laced with the requisite braggadocio and violence associated with hip hop music. ... more

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